Eyebrow Shaping

I have gone through a lot of phases with my eyebrows. For a while, I didn’t do anything… my eyebrows (including a semi-prominent unibrow) were as natural as they could be. Upon the realization that people actually did something to their eyebrows, I picked up tweezers and without any research, attempted to shape my own. For a while, I maintained a steady routine of plucking any hair that seemed out of place. This resulted in too large of a gap between my brows, uneven arches, and unreasonably thin ends. My sisters (also my best critics) finally said something, after which I decided I’d grow my brows out and start anew. The growing out process was slightly excruciating but so worth it. My best advice would be to simply enhance your natural brow structure, not try to mimic someone else’s or a stencil. See my guide below…

1. A good start is crucial. The beginning of your eyebrows should align with the upper bridge of your nose.


2. The peak of your arch should align with the outer rim of your iris.

IMG_6664 2.jpg

I also tweeze a bit below my brows and above, but never too much.This guide works particularly well for those of you who prefer a natural look, without stencils and products galore. Voila!


I love these Tweezerman tweezers! (The personalization would be very helpful in my house, as tweezers often “disappear” and reappear in one of my sisters’ rooms.)

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 9.11.31 AM.png

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