New Year’s Resolutions

This past Sunday night my family went to one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara, Los Agaves. Going there is a family tradition so it was a fun and festive way to start the new year. We all took a moment to share our favorite experiences of 2016 and what we look forward to in 2017. I’ll added a few New Year’s resolutions because I really like the thought of going into the new year with a goal in mind. I picked 3 things I’d like to focus on for 2017…

  1. Do yoga twice per week with my mom. In the fall, I was really good about doing yoga almost every day, as I had a month unlimited to Corepower. When that ended and I didn’t immediately renew it, my daily yoga fell out of my routine. My mom also wanted to reincorporate yoga into her week, so we decided if we both made it a goal, we could hold each other accountable. Unfortunately, we will not actually be able to do it together, as I’ll be in Santa Barbara and she will be home, but we plan on checking in with each other weekly.
  2. Post at least 4x per week on this site. When I’m at home, it’s easy to produce content because I have access to everything, but at school, I can’t cook all the time or spend a lot of time on projects. I plan on recipe testing at least once a week, sharing interesting articles, and posting about outfits and organization.
  3. Read for 30 minutes each night before bed. On vacation, it’s so relaxing to have a good book you look forward to reading every day. However, during the school year, reading can become more of a chore that you have to keep up with all of your school work. My mom got me the book Crooked Heart for Christmas (which is about a topic we are both fascinated by, civilians lives’ in WWII), so I look forward to reading a little bit of it each night before bed to relax and unwind from the day.

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