How to “Staycation”

Because of the long weekend, my sister Sophia and I wanted to do something special and out of the ordinary. We decided that we wouldn’t go anywhere and we would simply have a relaxing “staycation” in Santa Barbara. We enjoyed excellent food at some of our favorite restaurants, made some amazing recipes, relaxed by the pool, and went on a beautiful hike. I’ve narrowed a “staycation” down to a few basic principles…

  1. Work/ homework is inevitable, so set a time you’re going to do it, stick to that schedule, and when you’re not actively working on it, think about the tasks as little as possible.
  2. Enjoy a lot of time outdoors… this could mean lounging by the pool, going for a morning run on the beach, or eating lunch on your patio.
  3. Make every meal count. During the week, it’s easy to have some meals simply for the goal of eating to fuel your next activity. During your staycation, prioritize every meal and take time to enjoy it, whether you’re at home or at a new cafe.
  4. Find one way to relax that’s not in your usual daily routine. For us, that meant soothing sore hiking muscles in the hot tub.

This was our first of many staycations to come…


One of our favorite places for a sister dinner in sb: Savoy Cafe and Deli. It’s great because all four of us can always find something we want due to the variety.

IMG_8329.jpg   IMG_8358.jpg

My sister Isabel and I made fresh granola and paired it with yogurt the next morning.

IMG_8342.jpg  Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 6.37.45 PM.png

Perks of a staycation: still being in the same city as your friends!


Sophia and I went to the French Press to read/ work on homework. Pictured above: an amazing coconut milk latte.


We went to The Natural Cafe for dinner Saturday night and Sunday for lunch because we love it so much!


Sophia and I tried this hair mask and let it soak in while lounging by the pool.

IMG_4560 2.jpg

A beautiful hike at Rattlesnake Canyon.


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