Diptyque Favorites


Ambre Candle, Philosykos and L’Ombre Perfumes (beautiful together but strong), Voile Satin, and a beautiful travel bag they gave me with purchase

Ever since I first saw one of Diptyque’s candles, I have been a little obsessed with Diptyque itself, to say the least. While in Paris a few years ago, I walked about 2 miles in the rain just  to visit their original store in the Saint Germain district. Needless to say, the store was beautiful and exceeded my expectations and I would walk 5 miles in thunderstorms to visit it again if I had to. For a while, I was pretty content with just looking at and smelling the products without actually owning any. When my sister Sophia got me their Satin Oil and Jasmine candle for graduation, everything changed. Since, I have bought and tried out multiple different products (seen above) and have a hand cream waiting for me to try at home!


The product that started it all: Voile Satin


My favorite scent Do Son in the solid perfume (their spray perfumes are a bit too strong for me, I even had to exchange the two I initially bought for solids)

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