Lace Up Love


Velvet Lace Up Long Sleeve (similar here), Lucky Brand Chambray, Sperry Gold Shoes similar here)

Lace up tops are one of the few trends I actually like. For someone who naturally dresses in more classic, simple looks, these offer a great way to hop on board with a current, in-the-moment mode. I picked up this top at the Velvet store in New York after my sister got it and I love how it works with denim for a casual Saturday look or with black jeans and booties for nighttime. It’s simple and leaning towards classic but also contemporary. Shop my picks below!

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.03.06 AM.png

  1. Splendid Lace Up Long Sleeve
  2. Madewell Stripe Lace Up Top
  3. Sincerely Jules Lace Up Crop Sweatshirt
  4. The Kooples Embroidered Cotton Eyelet


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  1. Loving the lace up trend so much ❤


  2. Ah lace up outfit has been trendy nowadays. Your golden lace up shoes are very lovely anyway❤️


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