The Liebster Award


I’m so honored to have been nominated for The Liebster Award! Below I have answered a speed-round of eleven questions to share a little bit more about myself and


1. Why did you start blogging? is mainly a creative outlet for me and a way for me to to share my lifestyle. I strive to encourage others to enjoy healthy food and a full life, each and every day.

2. Who is your role model? I’m fortunate enough to have five: both my parents and my three sisters, each of whom consistently demonstrate what ‘working hard’ really means. They also each teach me something new everyday whether it’s something simple like how to make ‘the best scrambled eggs’ or a little bigger like how to be more considerate to and aware of those around you.

3. Use one word to describe yourself? Optimistic

4. Do you have a pet? Many pets including Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Senna & Reya, two of my favorite souls in the world. When I see them, I am reminded of what really matters. They love unconditionally and are the most loyal dogs out there.

5. What is your favorite color? Gold, all kidding aside

6. Where on Earth is your most memorable travel destination? The Basque Country in Spain, specifically Pamplona. The culture during San Fermin is inspiring and such an amazing experience to be a part of.

7. What is your favorite book? The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah – absolutely outstanding work

8. City or country? City, however I love how quiet it is back in the mountains during a hike.

9. What is your favorite vegetable? Kale, period

10. What is your Superpower? Compassion (if that counts)

11. What do you love most about YOU? I prioritize what I value and know what my standards/ morals are. I don’t let someone convince me of something I know is wrong, which preserves my good-conscience.


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  1. Your view is amazing!!

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