On Keeping Flowers Fresh

E655FF73-0175-4065-ABDA-04A448E233C3.jpgThe last few stems standing after 5 weeks!

I love picking out a bouquet of fresh flowers while I grocery shop on Sunday. Something about blooms in a pretty vase can brighten any room, any time. The only tricky thing is keeping the stems fresh for longer than the usual week or so! I’ve tried a few different tricks and now I can keep my flowers for up to 5 weeks(!!!) Read on to discover my tips for keeping flowers fresh and healthy…

  1. Use flower food (usually found where you pick out your bouquet) and only fill your vase about 3/4 full with cold water. Every week, discard old water and replace with fresh water and fresh food (stock up when you go to the market).
  2. Trim the bottom 1/4″ of the stems diagonally and remove any dead leaves every week.
  3. Discard any old flowers that are wilting or browning immediately. Sometimes if you let them wilt, they can start to smell and distract you from the stems that are still fresh and beautiful!
  4. Keep flowers under a shady, open window. The cool, fresh air from outside keeps them healthy (just make sure they’re not in direct sun!).
  5. Keep paring down your flowers and save the very last ones until they are finally browning. I like to start with a big vase then trim and discard, transfer to a medium vase, etc. I usually repeat until I’m down to a single stem!

98A285E9-51D6-4808-9F48-3805686BC00C.jpgFresh from the market

IMG_7429.jpgAfter discarding old stems & transferring to a smaller vase

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