On Healthy Traveling


Nearly half of all new years resolutions are centered around “staying fit and healthy.” While this is a great goal, it can be very hard to achieve without specific actions to actually achieve your goal in mind. One of the trickiest parts about “being healthy”? Traveling.

When going to a new place, it’s easy to get distracted and off-track. Furthermore, many trips are actually centered around food. (Case and point: my guide to NYC.) While these trips are incredibly fun and rewarding, if you aren’t traveling to eat the city, here are some tips to staying on track.


  1. Pack healthy snacks so when hunger strikes, you’re prepared. I like to bring lots of tea (Numi indulgent, Yogi Ginger, Bare Cargo Green, Tulsi Ginger, Traditional Medicines Weightless), almond butter squeeze-packs, homemade trail mix (almonds & dried cranberries) ginger chews (great for flights!), mini olive-oil and liquid aminos, an apple, kombucha, and travel sizes of ashwagandha and reishi.
  2. Locate a Whole Foods, TJs, or other health food store near where you’re staying. Not every meal needs to be indulgent when you’re on holiday. Often times, I will grab either breakfast or lunch (sometimes both!) at Whole Foods for quick, healthy energy. It’s a great place to grab scrambled eggs from the hot bar for breakfast, and a big green salad for lunch.
  3. Try to stay active as much as possible. Scheduling exercise while traveling can be daunting and stressful. While most hotels have nice gyms, I prefer to just walk around for most of the day. I also like to find workout studios near where I’m staying and try them out. Most places will even offer a deal for first-timers!
  4. Finally, enjoy your vacation and don’t feel guilty about indulgences. Traveling is the time to try new things, so if you have been dying to try a dark chocolate cookie or Ess-a bagel, try it! Don’t feel pressured to eat the entire thing. Buy one cookie to share with family or friends and try to eat a healthier next meal so you don’t get a sugar-overload.

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