Natural Summer Skincare Picks

41CCC3CB-AE64-45DC-AAF8-ADB78E5E66D0.JPGgoing to work completely makeup free

My mom instilled in me a true obsession with potions — serum, face mists, cleansing creams, antioxidant oils, etc. We love doing face masks together, creating our own oatmeal goat milk cleanser, and trying out anything skincare related, as long as it’s natural and made with clean, simple ingredients. 

To be honest, I don’t know all that much about the specifics of what is clean in terms of beauty products and what’s not. That being said, I generally will try anything in which I know what each of the individual ingredients are.

A friend recently reached out to me asking for tips on a skincare regiment, so I decided to make a post in case others are interested in taking care of their skin naturally. I have been using most of these products for years now (some for as long as my freshman year of high school!) and have found them to be truly amazing.

Something to note: I think one of the most important tips I could offer is to be gentle and consistent. If your skin is going through a rough patch, try to not worry and touch your face all the time because that will only make matters worse. Treat your skin with love and care, wash it gently, and moisturize a lot. Overdoing it only worsens the problem… I learned the hard way.

Also, give your skin a break from makeup and harsh cleansers every once in a while! I don’t like wearing makeup every day, and when I do wear makeup, I mostly stick to a little mascara, gold eye shadow, and a dab of under eye concealer. Face makeup generally clogs up pores so maybe try not using it for a week in an effort to let your skin breathe and heal rather than trying to cover up little breakouts.

Read on for my current favorite natural summer skincare products…

P.S. My summer beauty picks (not just skincare) can be found here at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 9.29.00 AM.png

  1. cleanse with Oats & Goat’s Milk Cleansing Grains (my mom and I usually make our own formula at home but it’s inspired by this one)
  2. mist with Cucumber & Calendula Nutrient Mist
  3. moisturize with Raspberry & Green Tea Daily Defense (which contains spf!)

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 9.38.10 AM.png

  1. cleanse with Detox Facial Bar + Clarisonic Sensitive Brush (note: I manually cleanse with the brush, as I found the Clarisonic device itself to be too harsh for my skin. I wet the brush, rub it on the soap bar, and using a gentle circular motion, wash my entire face.)
  2. mist with Cucumber & Calendula Nutrient Mist
  3. every other night, I micro-roll using this tool
  4. apply serum: alternate between Goddess Garden and Avalon Organics, and pat it onto skin gently
  5. moisturize with Dream Repair Night Cream

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